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Henley Festival
8-12thJuly 2020

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If asked, anyone who appears under the age of 25 must be able to produce Over 18 ID to receive an Adult Wristband. If you are unable to produce Over 18 ID, only an Under 18’s wristband will be issued. Both types of wristband will grant entry to Henley Festival. The purchase and consumption of alcohol within the festival enclosure is only permitted to those who are 18 years and older, and in possession of an Adult Ticket and corresponding Adult Wristband.

The only suitable forms of ID that are acceptable include:

o A valid passport (not a photocopy)

o An in date photo card driving licence (provisional driving licences are also acceptable)

An 'Under 18's' ticket holder must be under the supervision of a Responsible Adult at all times, who will ensure that the 'Under 18's' ticket holder does not consume alcohol whilst on the festival site. It is important that you understand the contractual relationship you are entering into by purchasing any ticket by telephone, over the counter or via the website. If you are buying tickets on behalf of other people, you must make them aware that they are bound by Henley Festival Terms and Conditions.

For further information please see: